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How The Government is Trying to Take Over Point Masters

How The Government is Trying to Take Over Point Masters

Father Vacuum had always been aware of the existence of PM6 - the top-secret intelligence agency run by the Point Masters government. But recently, he noticed an unwanted guest following him around. 

The grocery store, garage sales, his living room…no place was safe. 

A strange man in a suit, who never removed his sunglasses, was secretly following him around. Whenever Father Vacuum would catch his attention, the suited spy would raise his finger to his lips, as if to silence Father Vacuum.

Silence what, exactly?

Well, recently, Father Vacuum had uncovered some evidence that the Masters had a diabolical plan brewing. But how did PM6 know that he knew?

It seemed like the more Father Vacuum learned, the more he was being watched. He knew he had to warn everyone of the Masters’ diabolical plan. He even had a strategy to turn the tables on his captors and take down the PM Government once and for all.

It was a dangerous plan - one that could cost him everything. But would he have the courage (and the power) to execute it?

How to Play Point Masters

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