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Meet Father Vacuum

Meet Father Vacuum

Father Vacuum, at one point, was one of the most powerful Point Masters. Even though it’s hard to believe, the babbling old man used to be so powerful that he was feared by all people ages 7 and up. 

After winning one of the most intense wars of all ages, he got too cocky and challenged the most powerful Point Master. Not surprisingly, the Master was too strong for Father Time and he was outmatched. 

After a crippling defeat, Father Vacuum was banished from the Sacred Realm of Masters, and as a punishment, his ability to communicate with anyone outside of the realm was revoked. 

Father Vacuum now spends his days trying to warn the younger generation of Pointers how dangerous the Masters are. Without the ability to fully communicate, Father Time has spent decades trying to expose the Masters for their dirty secrets, and he’s actually been relatively effective at doing so - until recently.

Because recently, he’s been being followed….

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