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How to Play Point Masters

How to Play Point Masters

Point Masters is the newest, fast-paced, family-friendly card game on the market. It calls for both strategy and speed. Here are the deets:

Number of Players: 2 - 4 players per deck

Objective: Earn the winning # of points 

  • For 2 players, 4 points
  • For 3 players, 6 points 
  • For 4 players, 8 points

    1. Each player will start by drawing one of each Directional Cards (up, down, left, and right), and 2 Chaos Cards until everyone has 6 cards in their hand. (IMPORTANT: If you draw a card with a red border before the game starts, put it back in the deck because that’s a Specialty Card!)

    1. Next, figure out who goes first! This person is named the “Pointer”. Whoever went to bed the latest or woke up the earliest will go first. (We don’t really care, just pick someone!)
    2. Whoever goes first will count down (3-2-1-go!) and every player will immediately place a directional card on the table (the harder you slam the card, the more likely you’ll become a Point Master. Well, not really, but it’s definitely more dramatic.)
    3. The “Pointer” gains 1 point for every player who plays the same direction as them.
    4. Now that the game has begun, all players can play a Chaos Card any time, even if it’s not their turn. This is your time to get revenge on your (ex) best friend for that one time they stole the fries from the bottom of the bag, so play those Chaos Cards! 

    Chaos cards can collect points (one example: Winds of Change), remove points (ex: Redacted), block attacks (ex: Forcefield), or take points from other players (ex: Vacuum).

    1. Play continues in a clockwise direction, with each new Pointer beginning the next turn. 
    2. During their turn, if the Pointer does NOT have 2 Chaos Cards in their hand, they may draw one more card from the deck. If they draw a Red Specialty Card (a card with a red border), it must be played immediately. They may only have a maximum of  2 Chaos Cards in their hand at any given time.  
    3. Next, the new Pointer repeats step 3. 
    4. Play continues until there’s a winner!

    In Point Masters, you can play any Chaos Card at any time - even if it’s not your turn - so get ready to destroy your relationship with your in-laws and cause chaos on your way to victory!

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