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Why It's Not Too Late To Join Our Kickstarter

Why It's Not Too Late To Join Our Kickstarter

Our team of gaming gurus has spent countless hours perfecting our early release deck, and yesterday, we launched our Kickstarter to share the fun with the rest of the world. 

So what’s the point

(See what we did there?!)

Well, for starters, we wanted to do this campaign right, so we've spared no expense in the design and packaging of the Point Masters game. We've used the highest quality materials to create a top notch gaming experience.

That said, printing and packaging costs aren't cheap. We've been able to get a very limited run launched for this campaign, but we'll need support from backers like you to truly bring this game to the multitudes.

Because the world deserves to know Father Vacuum. He may have been designed to keep carpets tidy, but he's also a fierce gamer. He's been known to beat even the most seasoned Point Master players, sucking up points (and dust bunnies) all day long.

So let’s get everyone pointing in the right direction. Even the Bitter Buffalo, our resident gaming guru. He's been around since the dawn of gaming and has seen it all. He's got the scars to prove it. But beneath his grumpy demeanor hides a heart of gold - he’ll share his knowledge of Chaos cards with anyone who asks.

We speak for the Buffalo when we say - get in on this game before 40 million copies are sold and you wish you

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