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Why We Love Graveyards and You Should Too

Why We Love Graveyards and You Should Too

Ah, the Graveyard - where lost items go to rest in peace, or so we thought. Too bad getting in there is like trying to break into Fort Knox. They have guards trained to take down even the toughest pointers. And the guard dogs? They’re fed with the tears of defeated players. Let's not forget about that force field - more PM government tech that keeps getting in the way…

As if all these obstacles to entry weren’t enough - legend has it that the last pointer who tried to sneak into the Graveyard was stripped of their power and banished to the shadow realm. Now, we’re not sure where that is or what that means, but it sounds pretty spooky.

Thankfully, the new PM government has decided to open up the Graveyard to the public on Saturdays from 1-3pm. 

Sounds nice…

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