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How We Roll: All About The Legendary Point Masters Dice

How We Roll: All About The Legendary Point Masters Dice

The legendary dice are more powerful than a bull in a china shop. They could be used to turn back time, create worlds, or even cook the perfect omelet. But the first master? He uses them for the most mundane of tasks, like rewatching the same episode of his favorite TV show for the hundredth time.

One day, a young and eager pointer was summoned by the first master for a friendly game. And what do you know? The young player actually won! The first master, shocked and humiliated, demanded a rematch. This time, the first master unleashed all his dice-rolling fury and defeated the poor pointer.

And to make matters worse, the fourth master turned him into the legendary dice. They say it would have taken twice the power of Chuck Norris to defeat the first master that day. But the pointer didn't stand a chance against the power of the dice and the wrath of the masters.

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