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The Bitter Buffalo: Why This Card Stops Players In Their Tracks

The Bitter Buffalo: Why This Card Stops Players In Their Tracks

Once upon a time, in the land of Point Masters, there was a young and ambitious pointer who thought he had it all figured out. He trained tirelessly, day and night, to become the most powerful master in the realm. He was feared and respected by everyone in his town, but he wanted more. He wanted to challenge the fourth master, who was known for his unbeatable power to control the wind.

Father Vacuum saw it coming, but the young pointer didn't listen. He was too confident and believed that he could defeat the fourth master with ease. But he was wrong. Oh, so wrong. The match was intense, but in the end, the fourth master emerged victorious. And, per the rules of the game, he turned the young pointer into a buffalo.

But this wasn't just any buffalo. This was the Bitter Buffalo, a legendary creature known for its vengeful and bitter nature. 

The Bitter Buffalo now spends his days setting traps and warning other players to never let their confidence get the best of them. Because in Point Masters, anything can happen, and the Bitter Buffalo is a living reminder of that.

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